Available lists in Lyris® List Manager

Lists below are updated from CUNYfirst data andby user request:
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Name of list in Lyris

List description

  • 00_all_ccny

The CCNY Community

  • 01_all_faculty

All faculty (fulltime faculty/adjuncts)

  • 02_all_students_short_list

All students

  • 03_all_staff

All staff (fulltime, parttime, hourly)

  • 04_faculty_fulltime

All fulltime faculty

  • 05_faculty_staff

All faculty and staff (fulltime, parttime)

  • 06_faculty_parttime

All parttime faculty

  • 07_undergrads

Undergraduate students

  • 08_grad_students

Graduate students

  • 09_freshmen

Current Freshmen

  • 10_deans


  • 11_cwe

CWE faculty/staff

  • 12_seek

SEEK faculty/staff

  • 13_chairs


  • 14_administrators

Administrators (Pres,Provost,VPs,etc.)

  • 15_staff_fulltime

All staff (fulltime)

  • 16_adjuncts_faculty_staff

Adjunct titles - faculty/staff

  • undergrads_60_90

Undergrads 60-90 credits

  • undergrads_90_and_more

Undergrads 90 + credits

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