Information About Broadcast Requests

E-Mail Broadcasts

The City College broadcast system enables us to share information efficiently and widely. Please review the information below about the CCNY email broadcast service which uses Lyris® List Manager.

For complete details go to: Broadcast Request Policy.

Who can request a broadcast?
The service is available to faculty and staff members who want to have their college related email messages sent to larger groups.

NOTE: If it is the first time you are making a request for an email broadcast, we ask that your dean, chair, or administrator acknowledges that you are authorized to request college related email broadcasts.

Available Lists
You can request to send your email broadcast using one of the available college lists in Lyris®. (see available list titles)
The available college lists are updated using CUNYfirst data. Also, a request can be made to add users to a specific list if they are not in CUNYfirst.

Custom Lists
You can request for a larger specific group list to be created in Lyris® from CUNYfirst. You can also supply your own list of emails, submitted in either a plain ‘.txt’ or an Exel spread sheet format.

How to request an email broadcast
Send all communication for email broadcasts to:

Include this information in your request:
Broadcast Details:
(sample below)

This broadcast will be sent to: --All Faculty/Staff

This broadcast will be sent from: -- Office of Information Technology
The subject title of this broadcast is: -- Email Broadcast Requests
The content of this broadcast: -- (attach/include text, images, pdf files with your request)

For any additional inquiries, users can contact

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